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Samsung Epic 4



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Juice Defender




Remote Desktop Client by Xtralogic, Inc.



Computers and Hardware

MacBook Pro, OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard
After working on and fixing m$ products all day, I want my personal computer to work correctly without having to worry about viruses, spyware and crappy updates that mess things up. I like beautiful things and this one is top of the list for a reason.

If I do use a m$ product it needs to be on a Dell. I started using computers when I was 13, Dell was barely 5 years old and it would be another 5 before I was ready for them. Of all the systems I have worked on, messed with, torn apart or flat out destroyed, Dell continues to possess the intuitiveness that keep me coming back time and time again.

Still messing around with openSuSE but it has replaced my ubuntu server completely. I’m running an iFolder server as well as mythtv on it. I like the look and feel much better than ubuntu!!! Computer administration is extremely simple (unless you’re doing something special of course). I highly recommend openSuSE for anyone who wants to move to a linux solution either server of desktop. I use the gnome desktop environment.


Built on top of Ubuntu server, eBox will become your new best friend. as of version 2.0 i think it can fully replace 98% of the functions in m$ small business server and exchange.

With 32 flavors and more there is one for you and what you want to do. It’s free and stable. No viruses. I use to use Mythbuntu, a home theater operating system used to record and watch television programs, DVDs, and a bunch of other cool things. I use Ubuntu Studio for Audio/Visual editing. It is a finely tuned  package without frills that is fast and effective. One day I will build an Edubuntu box for our little boy to help him learn all about the world. Did I mention it’s free.



ubuntu studio

As the age of reliable personal computers come into their teen years, companies that research the way consumers are using their products and develop future products based on that research are rising to the top. In the graphics hardware area Nvidia has been there for years already. The GeForce series has long been standard equipment for the hardcore gamer and enthusiast. Their Quadro series is aimed at the business arena which demands high quality, performance and reliability. The Quadro series has a broad price and feature range starting with entry level internal cards costing $100 all the way up to multi card external devices capably of rendering god only knows what. They have also partnered with companies such as Autodesk to develop drivers that make the absolute most of the bridge between software and hardware.

There is such thing as intelligent design, it can be found with Logitech. There is no better manufacturer of human interface devices than Logitech. They are closing the gap between the user and the hardware and their webcams are second to none.

Born from the needs of NASA and part of every space mission since Mercury-Atlas 8 in 1962, Plantronics can be found in FAA applications and telephone call centers everywhere. They are one of the preferred headsets in aviation and continue to be the market leader in lightweight headsets worldwide. I use the Voyager 510 as my cell phone and computer Bluetooth solution, it can pair to two devices at the same time and has a battery life and noise reduction that professionals need to get the important job done. When i’m jamming out at work it’s the Plantronics® .Audio 350. The sound reproduction is unmached in a headset int it’s price range and it adds a noise reducing boom microphone for when I’m helping people on Skype and Unyte. The boom mic folds up and out of the way and there is a mute switch  for when I’m just listening to music.

Nearly bulletproof server software and great support

Firefox, Thunderbird and Sunbird
The best thing to come from AOL! I spend lot of time on the internet researching all kinds of stuff, sometimes that stuff takes me to “questionable sites” bt these are the things i do for answers (and why I use a Mac (see the MacBook Pro entry above)). I ask you, why not use a browser that helps you and your computer? Get Firefox! And, while your at it, why not use an email client that is not only free, but also helps keep you safe? get Thunderbird! The best thing is that they work on ANY computer and ANY operating system (ok I’m sure there is one or two that it doesn’t work on but please, I don’t care about them). The truth is the Mozilla Foundation has proven time and time again that they listen and then act. The Mozilla Foundation is and will continue to be a driving force in the future of online communication.

Clean and efficient, what more can I say.

I can talk and see my parents via webcam.

I use this to assist computer users in trouble all over the USA from my home. I also use it for conferences and training.

The coolest free screencast software. It’s free and it works great on a Mac, Linux or a PC.

The Gimp
Better than photoshop! Because it is better than photoshop, and it’s free.

Open Office
Go back to your office Bill Gates, I have mine right here, and it’s free. Anything you can do I can do better, and cheaper, and it can be installed on any computer/operating system, and it works better, and did I mention it’s free! Developed by Sun Microsystems.

Open source audio editing. Multi-track editing and mixing.

Traktor Scratch Pro
The World’s Best DJ System.

Sirius Satellite Radio
The best radio on radio, and on the internet.

What this site is built on.

beeblebrox Hash Tab
OS extension to calculate file hashes (MD5, SHA1, SHA2, RipeMD, HAVAL and Whirlpool). Mac Finder Plugin and a Windows shell extension. It’s the coolest thing ever!

ImgBurn is a lightweight CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray burning application that everyone should have in their toolkit! And it’s FREE!!!


Mostly organic clothing and technical wear that create a comforting and comfortable environment for our fragile body’s. Yoga, climbing and lifestyle options.

The perfect climbing shoe built on many years of development and research. They make their own super sticky rubber for their shoes.


With zero landfill and great gas mileage, not to mention the symmetrical all wheel drive and their clean lines, why not!

The peoples car! German engineering, what more can I say?


Sweet Baby Ray’s
Holy smokes!!! Thanks Zach for the heads up on this liquid gold! It tastes great on anything, even Hawaiian Pizza!