My Biggest Civil 3D Template Secret!!

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I can’t believe I’m gonna let this one out, and as of now I have never heard of anyone else using it so I’m claiming it!

I think a picture sums it up best, but if you want less layers in your template then just let the program make them when it needs to. template-object-layersSimply setup 4 or 5 layers (C-, G-, V-, P-) in your layer manager and then use thoes layers in the “Drawing Settings”. Add a “Suffix” modifer with “ROAD” or “ALIGN” or whatever standard you use and “*” to include the civil objects name where you need it.

All of your Layers in Styles should be set to “0” layer, and then take some time modifing the feature’s settings to get the automatic naming correct.

When you creat an alignment or other object and give it a name, that name is placed where the “*” is and a layer is created correctly.



The layers are created as expected, and the template remains lite-weight.

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