I learned of a new (renewed) website today

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now it’s content is more than just fun facts.

Tea for me

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I love tea! In fact, over the last two years tea has replaced coffee in my daily life and there is good reason for it.  Tea is much easier to produce than coffee, it requires less water to process and it is easier on the environment.  Tea has been on the menu for a very long time, earliest records indicate 1000 B.C. (that’s over three thousand years!) coffee can only claim about eleven hundred years.  There is less caffeine in tea so you don’t get the coffee crash.  Best of all tea is cheaper then coffee especially when you go to a store like, rhymes with upchucks, everyday for your morning wake-me-up.  The health benefits of tea are amazing, check this out:

Tea – Tea contains tannin, catechin, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Natural
fluorine and Polysaccharides.  tannin and catechin have been associated
with preventing cancer and heart disease

Coffee – Coffee contains caffeine, trigonelline, chlorogenic acid,
phenolic acid, amino acid, carbohydrates, minerals, organic acids aldehydes,
ketones, esters, amines, and mercaptans.  None of the ingredients
in coffee have been associated with fighting disease or enhancing health.”

source: http://www.teatimeworldwide.com/Men/tea_vs_coffee.html

There is a whole Wikipedia entry on this!


To be fair, there is also an entry about coffee here, but it says some of the same things.


Don’t get me wrong I love coffee too, as long as it’s Peet’s. Peet’s is by far the smoothest coffee around! But I only buy Kona for special occasions.

What about my favorite tea? Glad you asked, its Stash Double Spice Chai and it tastes like Xmas in a cup. Paired with a bit of local honey and you’ve got a delightful drink that is good for you and gives you the local pollen to help with allergies.

Now where did this post come from you may ask?

Simply the price of tea in China, a very important insite into another culture and the effect TeaCommerce is having on it.