Paper or Plastic?

Posted in eco by daniel on September 15, 2008 No Comments yet

Most of our friends know how much thought we put into the things we buy, including how it impacts the environment. We have been trying so for about five years now and we’re getting better and better. So the obvious question comes to mind. Paper or plastic? Well if you were to ask our local supermarket checkers and baggers which one Heather and I prefer, they would without hesitation say “Neither!” You may have noticed a movement started year or two ago where stores are selling reusable bags to use instead of their standard plastic disposable ones. Well we have taken it one step further by getting folding crates from The Container Store (see them here) and using them when we shop. These are great for many reasons beoynd helping to save the environment. When we are checking out, they speed up the bagging process because once we unload the cart we place one crate in the empty cart and give one to the bagger. The bagger doesn’t have to fight with the bags, they just place the items in the crates. I tell them to fill the crate just to the top, then place the other crate on top of the one in the cart and fill it up. By the time we sign the reciept our cart is ready to go. At the car I just put the crates in the trunk and we’re off, the items don’t slide around or get damaged. At home I bring the crates inside and unload them directly, again without fighting with bags. Then I fold the crates up and put them back in the car for another store trip. We have three right now but i think we’ll get two more and be set.